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At The Birds Nest, we are all about making your space more enjoyable. We offer design services for Residential, Commercial, & our new service: Dormitories, because everyone deserves a home away from home! Call for your free consultation today. We would love to serve you!

Whether you need a living room update or a dining room re-do, The Birds Nest has been serving families with Interior Design for years and is capable of designing every room in your home. With innovative ideas & a network of artists, our lead designer, Jessica Haas, has a background in 3-D modeling, sculpture, fine  art & design and can design a one of  a kind look that will fit perfect in your home. Do you have a few pieces of furniture you have to keep but are not sure how to make it all work together? Here at the Birds Nest we are expert problem solvers! We love finding solutions so you can start enjoying your space right away!


Aesthetic is one of the most important elements of a commercial space. It brings people in, creates welcoming environments to make them actually want to stay, and speaks volumes about your relevance & ability to meet their needs. The Birds Nest understands the importance of making a statement. We work with churches, offices, retail spaces, and even events/ conferences. Call today & let The Birds Nest serve you!

Services 3. DORMIFY!

A brand new branch to The Birds Nest interior design services, dormify will create a home away from home for you! Have a favorite bedspread, art or fabric you want to design your new space around in college? Have a roommate with not quite the same taste as you? Need some help pulling all the elements together? Let The Birds Nest solve all your problems & design a chic home away from home for you! Call for your free consultation & lets get started!


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